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Judo is a great form of exercise. Studies have been completed that show that exercise like Judo, when done as children, provides residual benefits into adulthood in areas like bone density and the prevention of osteoporosis. Exercise is also shown to reduce obesity rates, reducing the risks of heart disease etc. Of course regular exercise needs to be included alongside a healthy diet. Exercise is also shown to improve self-esteem in children. Exercise is a prescribed treatment for depression also. Judo can provide a variety of forms of exercise. The physicality of Judo will cause increased metabolic rate and muscle growth. Of course if your child is carrying excess weight, the exercise will help tackle this problem. Judo has also been attributed with providing improved self-esteem and self-control. Better social development and ability to deal with physical confrontations.

Benefits of Judo for Kids:

  • Direction: Kids participating in Judo learn how to set goals, the knowledge necessary, and to do the work needed to achieve them. Judo is a structured program with belts acknowledging personal achievement. Belts display both effort, time, and experience in training.
  • Fitness: Participating in Judo will improve the overall fitness level of kids who attend class regularly. Kids engage in a series of conditioning, stretching and strength exercises as part of their regular training. The program is designed to be progressive so each student progresses at their own speed. Consistent training produces better muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. Benefits derived from training include a lower percentage of body fat, increased energy, and enthusiasm for physical activity.
  • Coordination: Judo contains a progressive series of movements that improves the coordination of participants. Training in Judo requires learning grappling techniques and putting them together in a string of movement. This combination develops both specific and sequential improvement in the coordination of the body.
  • Confidence: Training in Judo improves the confidence of kids that will carry over into all venues of their lives. Through a series of challenges kids learn how to approach new situations and successfully navigate them. Challenges are progressive, and graduated, becoming more challenging at each step of the program. This format produces a foundation of self-trust and a willingness to approach challenges. The success which develops produces the confidence needed to achieve more challenging goals in the future as well.
  • Self-Esteem: Kids develop enhanced self-esteem as an outcome of consistent training in Judo. The success that kids experience as part of their training builds a self-respect that translates into self-esteem. They learn to trust, respect, and like themselves for who they are. The self-esteem they develop is strong and durable because it is based on achievement. Enhanced self-esteem will impact positively on how they relate to others, authority, and themselves.
  • Self-Defense: Although most students of Judo do it for the sport, kids learn valuable self-defense skills as well. Kids training in BJJ not only learn how to defend themselves in various situations, but develop the confidence that helps them to avoid many of the bully traps. Kids trained in the grappling arts learn how to avoid, evade, and escape from many physical confrontations so common to the young. Self-defense is only one of the many benefits of Judo, but it is a valuable benefit for kids none the less.

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