| Bully Awareness

Bullying Prevention Classes at Dayton MMA

Bullying has become a problem in society today.  It is in our schools, on the school bus, online, and in activities in which our children participate. These bullies simply don’t care about others. Our children are being affected in so many ways by those who bully.  No one should have to feel the anguish of loneliness, and abandonment, the physical and mental heartache and pain due to the insensitivity of the person/or persons who are bullying. Bullies prey just because they can get away with it!  By bullying they try to satisfy their own inadequacies, thinking they have to prove something to themselves or others, and all at the expense of another person.

Some signs of being bullied may be depression or withdrawal, refusal to be involved in any outside activities, school work plummeting, crying easily, or striking out at home or at others.  In some cases you may even see the signs of physical abuse, like bruising or worse. If you notice any behavioral changes in your child, please talk with them, and if it is abuse by a bully- report it!

At Dayton MMA we teach students how to recognize, handle and diffuse these kinds of situations.  We do not promote confrontation.  Confidence, self worth, respect, dialog, positive and confident attitude, and self defense techniques are just a few of the tools we, at Dayton MMA, strive to teach and instill in each of our students. These are the same techniques used by law enforcement to subdue a dangerous attacker without causing physical harm.  While in our program, they will increase their physical and mental stamina, building great mental and physical reflexes, improve memory and concentration, and respect for themselves, their peers, and others.  These are all great life skills which they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Benefits of our program include:
• Improved Self Confidence & Self Esteem
• A Positive Attitude
• Self Defense Skills
• Learn How to Overcome Adversity
• Learn to Deal with Difficult Situations
• Leadership Skills
• Improved Health and Fitness
• Improved Strength & Flexibility
• Making New Friends!
• Having Fun!